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WoolGuard Filters are constructed from 100% wool fibers that have a strong affinity to hold oil and grease. By using a simple hardware mount, the filters are installed upstream of the metal baffle filters and capture over 98% of the airborne oil and grease particles before they enter the ductwork. Overall, reducing the amount of hood cleanings.


The non-woven filters strike a perfect balance of media weight and high loft that allows for minimal airflow restriction as the oils are collected.

WoolGuard Filters are biodegradable so that disposal is as simple as placing them in the kitchen trash.

The dramatic reduction of airborne grease entering the exhaust system provides immediate savings:​
  • Reducing labor costs associated with cleaning metal baffle filters 

  • Lowering the number of exhaust system cleanings

  • Decreasing roof damage

  • Providing energy savings from cleaner rooftop equipment