Who We Are

Since 1991

Quality Restaurant Services specializes in cleaning kitchen exhaust hood systems using industrial strength degreasers and hot water pressure washers. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, our services are always guaranteed to customer satisfaction and that is our #1 goal. At QRS, we guarantee a professional cleaning of all fans, ducts, filters, fire suppression links, pipes, and nozzles. All of our services will meet or exceed all NFPA codes.

Other Services

Fire Suppression Inspections - Fire Extinguishers - Emergency Lighting Laundry Duct Cleaning - Disposable Greases Filters


Restaurants - Nursing Homes - Retirement Homes - Hospitals - Schools - Hotels etc.

Licensed In

Delaware - Maryland - New Jersey - Pennsylvania

Did You Know?

The amount of use determines the frequency of kitchen exhaust hood cleaning. Grease build up from cooking can cause fireball explosions. Failure to complete required fire safety inspections and hood cleanings could make you liable for damages in the event of a fire.

QRS will schedule cleanings based on the needs of each location.


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Quality Restaurant Services Is A Total Fire Protection Company

We provide all of your fire protection needs during one service. QRS will clean your kitchen exhaust system, inspect your fire suppression system, inspect fire extinguishers, clean laundry ducts, and inspect emergency lighting... saving you additional cost and inconvenience.