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Kitchen Exhaust System Cleaning

We specialize in cleaning commercial kitchen exhaust systems using industrial strength degreasers and hot water pressure washers. Our crews are thoroughly trained to conduct a proper cleaning of all hoods, ductwork and fans.

Grease Containment

Quality Restaurant Services will ensure that your roof is cleaned prior to installing grease containment solutions, and that these systems are checked and serviced as needed. Reducing grease on the roof will prolong the life of the roofing materials.

Fire Suppression System Services

With trained technicians who are able to install, inspect, and repair you kitchen fire suppression system, regardless of the system type we have the tools and knowledge to provide excellent fire protection services.

Emergency Lighting

Installing and inspecting emergency lighting is vital for the safety of customers and employees. We provide all of your emergency lighting needs.

Fire Extinguisher


We provide extinguisher inspections and maintenance, as well as the sale of new extinguishers when needed. Our goal is customer satisfaction by saving time and money for our clients by offering a full array of services.

WoolGuard Filters

WoolGuard Filters are constructed from 100% wool fibers that have a strong affinity to hold oil and grease. The filters are installed upstream of the metal baffle filters and capture over 98% of the airborne oil and grease particles before they enter the ductwork. Overall, reducing the amount of hood cleanings.

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